STI Technical Analysis Report

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Market Review for STI:
STI performed well today as opened up by 22 points @3245 and buyers made the market bullish, the high of 3261.32 was marked on the chart and today’s closing was @3259.09.

STI Day Performance
Open 3245.99
High 3261.32
Low 3244.08
Close 3259.09
Change(Points) 36.60
% Change 1.14
Volume 1711.3M
Rise 235
Fall 157
Unch 689

Market forecast for STI:
STI formed a long Green candle for the day and broke the resistance of 3250 some up move is expected in the coming session as the buyers are abrasive to take the market for the new levels.
Technical indicators:
RSI is above the centre line @57.53, where CCI @27.71

Support 1 3250
Support 2 3240
Support 3 3225
Resistance 1 3270
Resistance 2 3280
Resistance 3 3299

Important Factor for today:-

  • CNMC attained a net profit of US$1.26 million (S$1.58 million) with a large jump in gold production, recovered a loss of US$0.6 million the year before.
  • The share prices of Hotel Properties Limited (HPL) rises from S$3.50 to S$4 a share .This is because of 68 Holdings Pte Ltd company who agreed to buy 17.1 million shares @ S$4 each.
  • United Overseas Bank Limited’s (UOB) awarded with a rating of “BBB” by Fitch rating Agency.
  • Profit for CDW Holding was announced yesterday with a sharp fall of 50.4% where a year ago it was 1.41 million major reason that pull the profit was higher material cost so the earning per share (EPS) came @0.30 US cent and Revenue grew 2% to US$34.75 million
Top Gainers Top Loosers
Scrip Name CMP %change Scrip Name CMP %change
ComfortDelGro 2.21 4.25 ThaiBev 0.595 -0.83
Jardine C&C 45.7 3.91 StarHub 4.11 -0.72
CapitaLand 3.13 2.96 HongkongLand USD 6.93 0.14
Global Logistic 2.82 2.92 CityDev 10.8 0.19
JMH 400 USD 61.42 2.37 SIA 10.24 0.39

Market Review for KLCI:
Today KLCI opened at 1874.19 almost 8 points up from the previous closing and took a Upside, made a high of 1879.64. buyers were fully active in todays session and took the KLCI to a new level.

KLCI Day Performance
Open 1874.19
High 1879.64
Low 1873.35
Close 1879.02
Change(Points) 13.12
% Change 0.70
Volume 1826.8M
Rise 521
Fall 283
Unch 1358

Market forecast for KLCI:
As today KLCI had broken the major resistance of 1870 and set a new level on the chart as today’s session had marked a major gap up opening and now there is a possibility that the market can took some correction to cover the gap where all the technical are showing bullish sign.

Support 1 1870
Support 2 1860
Support 3 1850
Resistance 1 1890
Resistance 2 1900
Resistance 3 1905

Technical indicators:
RSI is about to enter in the overbought phase, is @67.24 where the CCI is @199.42

Top Gainers Top Loosers
Scrip Name CMP %change Scrip Name CMP %change
HLFG 16 3.76 PCHEM 6.75 -0.59
YTL 1.7 3.03 PETDAG 26.94 -0.3
IOICORP 5.18 2.57 GENM 4.21 -0.24
TM 6.3 2.44 CIMB 7.31 0.27
ASTRO 3.38 2.42 GENTING 9.85 0.3

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