FOREX Trading with Technical Analysis

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

The EUR/USD pair initially fell during the session on Monday, but found enough support EUR-USD below the 1.36 level in order to continue going higher. This market of course formed a hammer for the day, which seems to be very strong and because of this we feel that the market will probably continue to go higher and head towards the 1.37 handle. The 1.37 level has in fact been very resistant, and as a result we feel that the market was simply bounce a bit from here, only offering a short-term trading opportunity as far as we can see.
The AUD/USD closed higher on Monday in a lackluster trade. The range was narrow and AUD-USDvolume was down. This was likely because there were no major economic data or news to drive the market. Trading conditions could improve later in the week with the release of inflation and trade balance data from China as well as Australian employment numbers.
The GBP/USD pair fell initially during the session on Monday, but found enough support near the 1.71 level to go GBP-USDahead and balance to form a hammer like candle. This suggests that this market should continue higher, probably heading to our ultimate target of 1.75 given enough time. We think the pullbacks will continue to be buying opportunities, and that being the case the markets cannot be sold in our opinion as the British economy continues to look like it’s ready to exit recessionary terms, and as a result the British pound should continue to strengthen overall.
The USD/JPY pair fell during the session on Monday, but as you can see really remains mired in a significant amount of consolidation. USD-JPYWith that, we don’t necessarily have a trade at this moment in time, but do recognize that the market is consolidating between the 101 level on the bottom, and the 103 level on the job. With this, we are buyers closer to the 101 level, as long as we get some type of supportive candle. We aren’t necessarily interested in selling at the moment, because we believe that the longer-term move will be to the upside.

Currency Data for 08th july

Time Currency Impact Particular Actual Forecast Previous
3:30am NZD High NZIER Business Confidence 32 52
5:20am JPY Current Account 0.38T 0.17T 0.13T
JPY Bank Lending y/y 2.30% 2.20%
7:00am AUD High NAB Business Confidence 8 7
10:30am JPY Economy Watchers Sentiment 47.7 49.2 45.1
11:30am EUR German Trade Balance 18.8B 15.7B 17.2B
12:15pm EUR French Gov Budget Balance -64.3B -64.2B
EUR French Trade Balance -4.9B -4.1B -4.1B
12:45pm CHF CPI m/m -0.10% 0.10% 0.30%
CHF Retail Sales y/y -0.60% 1.50% 0.80%
2:00pm GBP High Manufacturing Production m/m -1.30% 0.40% 0.30%
GBP Industrial Production m/m -0.70% 0.30% 0.30%
All Day EUR ECOFIN Meetings
5:00pm USD NFIB Small Business Index 97.3 96.6
7:30pm GBP NIESR GDP Estimate 0.90%
USD JOLTS Job Openings 4.53M 4.46M
11:15pm USD FOMC Member Kocherlakota Speaks

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