FOREX Market: Daily Technical Report 12-March

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Forex

The EURUSD broke down during the session on yesterday, testing the 1.05 level, 1which is massively supportive. In the meantime, we think that this market simply grinds sideways, as it seems to be a bit oversold. With that, we will pay attention to the movement and wait for any significant breakdown in order to play this particular pair, or a break below the 1.05 level. However, we think that the market eventually sell off, heading to parity as this EU still has all of the same issues as it has had over the last few years.
The GBPUSD broke down during the course of the day on yesterday, slicing through the 1.50 level. 2This is a massive support level on the longer-term charts. Because of this, it appears that the market will continue to be attracted to that level. We believe that the market should continue to try to break down below the 1.48 level, and given enough time, it certainly will. Once that happens, the British pound should fall apart and head directly to the 1.45 level which is supportive on the longer-term charts. As of now we are in downtrend and expect a lot of volatility between here and 1.48 level. Remember, the US dollar is the strongest currency in the world right now, and it’s difficult to imagine going against it.
The AUDUSD tried to break out during the session on yesterday, but found the area above the 0.76 level to be too resistive. 3Because of this, the market ended up forming a shooting star and looks ready to continue going lower. The 0.75 level is the next major area below, and we fully anticipate the Australian Dollar trading down to that level at least. On top of that, the US dollar continues to remain the strongest currency in the world right now, and therefore we have no interest in going against it.
The USDJPY went back and forth during the course of the session on yesterday, essentially proving nothing. 4The one thing that we notice is the fact that the market didn’t break down after breaking out. That’s a sign that the buyers are serious, and could very well continue to push this market higher over the longer term, which is exactly what we anticipate. Because of this, we believe the pullbacks are buying opportunities, and that the market should break above the 122 level, and then head to 125.
The NZDUSD fell during the course of the day on yesterday, as we await the interest-rate decision out of Wellington. 5Right now, it looks as if it is going to break down and continue to go even lower. With that, we are very bearish of the New Zealand Dollar going forward, as we anticipate that the sellers will continue to control his market. Even if we get some type of rally from here, we believe that rallies will simply offer value in the US dollar, and should be sold as soon as they fade.


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