Forex: GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD Down due to FOMC statement; USDJPY Up

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Forex
Tuesday seemed to be ruled by volatility throughout the course of the day. The pair might have broken down,however 1.50 level below comes out to be supportive,hence our eagerness to start selling. The main game changer for the current period will be the impending FOMC Statement as it has the ability to change the market direction instantaneously. We are currently playing safe and wait for the market to make up its mind. The best thing to do at the moment is to simply wait. Get 3 Days Free Trial Signals
The EUR/USD pair made a bearish candle in the 1.10 zone on Tuesday. The FOMC statement will be playing its part in this pair too, as it is the only way to get an idea what the Federal Reserve is planning to do next. Its best to calmly wait for the Fed decision and then decide what to do. Until the decision is released ,we expect high Volatility in the market.
The AUD/USD pair finds support at 0.7150 level and we have hopes of a pull back from this level. Tuesday saw the pair drop as we continued with our search for opportunities. A prolong drop might see the pair touch the 0.70 level, but the possibility is stronger in case the lows of of the session are breached.Overall, the markets are going to be very volatile.
The USD/JPY climbed up on Tuesday, due to the presence of buyers below. We are positive of touching the 124 level and with the FOMC statement on its way,the volatility might give us some additional thrust. Considering the 120 level as the “floor”, we might exploit the any pullback as a buying opportunity. A hawkish statement might even get us passed the 125 level and our confidence refrains us from taking any short positions.

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