Most Active Forex Pairs of the day & Technical Analysis

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

The GBP/USD pair rallied during the initial hours on Monday, but took a U-turn and formed a negative candle. We have a negative omen with the shooting star appearing at the bottom of the down trend and as a result, we arrive at the conclusion that any break down below the bottom of the range will continue to push this market down towards 1.45 level. We are not entering long position until we are above the 1.50 level, Which seems highly unlikely in the present scenario. 3 Days Free  Trail Signals
The EUR/USD pair got whipsawed on Monday and generated an outside day with a closing below the previous days low. The exchange rate felt the heat due to pressure despite a minor increase in the Eurozone manufacturing PMI numbers as the traders grabbed US dollar for safety from the rapid decline in the Chinese Equity market. We have a Resistance in the neighborhood of 20-day Moving Average at 1.0918, while a support is present at 1.0780. The MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicator is signalling negative momentum.
The AUD/USD pair slipped on Monday, and checked the depth of the ascending triangle we have been exploiting till now. At the present moment, we are not sure when the buyers might enter, hence our hesitation in taking short positions. Short positions would be tempting if cross 0.71 level and then we might as well enter them the Australian Dollar is not getting any help from the old markets which is an anomaly and as a result a breakdown may occur.
The USD/JPY pair fell during the course on Monday as Asian problems continued to pester. The Chinese lost 7% during their stock market training day, and that would have had people running towards the Japanese yen, due to it being considered a “safety currency” due to the fact its normally used as a proxy for Chinese market.
We fell below to test the 118.50 level that happens to be the bottom of the consolidation for the moth of August; however resistance in the zone forced us to turn back and form a hammer. Hence, we would be taking a long position as soon as we cross the top of the hammer.
On the flip side, if we break down below to118.50 level, that could attract the sellers and things might heat up as we reach the 116 zone. At present we are pitching for the buyers and hope for a upside breakout.


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