US Dollar to be Relatively Stronger than Precious Metals

Posted: January 13, 2016 in Commodity Tips, Forex, Stock Tips

Gold markets, once again to check the depths breaking below the $1090 level on Tuesday. We have a support at the $1080 level, which might be tested if it breaks the current level. Current scenario shows the US dollar to be relatively stronger than precious metals. Short positions would be our choice once we breach the$1080 level and a likely target might be $1060 level. Long positions are not to be entered without confirmation of sorts in the form of a supportive candle. Live Trial Signals
Silver markets dipped again on Tuesday, breaching the $13.80 level.Due to a support below, we are sceptical there might a break in this fall in the near future. At present the comfortable move to take would be a short position. There happens to be resistance extending to the $14.00 level and we believe any attempt to rally might turn into consolidation. 
Crude Oil 
Crude Oil went on quite a ride on Tuesday, making a low of $29.93 per barrel which happens to be a two year low and later came back to $30.57 per barrel. Expectations are that the prices might recover to some extent in light of larger than expected draw as stated by the American Petroleum Institute. We see a resistance near the 10-day Moving Average at 34.60 level and the MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence) is signaling a negative momentum.
USDCAD is having potential to move upto the level of 1.5100 but the next trigger would be CRUDE OIL Prices (below $30, WTI/NYMEX)
Important FOREX Counters for 2016
The GBP/USD pair dipped below on Tuesday, touching the depths around 1.45 level. At the moment, short positions are the ones that are more comfortable to enter in.Our suggestion would be to short any rally that shows signs of exhaustion below the 1.45 level. Due to the new low, it seems the current down trend might continue for the moment. Relatively it seems it US dollar will continue to strengthen.
The EUR/USD pair seemed to be in a hurry to reach the 1.08 level as it slipped on Tuesday. The present picture suggests it might check the 1.07 level which has a history of being quite a turbulent seems the pair is going to attract more buyers in the immediate future, however the 1.08 level might have more supportive characteristics than being assumed.The present outlook does suggest the overall bearishness might prevail for some time.
The AUD/USD pair went for a roller coast ride on Tuesday as it continued to fluctuate in the 0.70 level. The overwhelming fears of the gold markets falling and the softness in the Australian dollars is what has clouded this pair. Our interest in the short positions is due to a recent trend line breakout. Long positions at the moment are not comfortable to enter in.
The USD/JPY made an attempt to rally on Tuesday, however the sellers returned and formed a star like candle. This forces us to believe that the pair will continue to fall and we still have a chance of sellers returning after a short term rally. We might enter into long positions but only when we breach above the 119 level, which doesn’t look like it will happen in nearby future.


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