FOREX and COMEX Market Updates

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Forex

Gold markets although positive overall had a negative session on Wednesday. We are getting signals for an initial uptrend. A break above a recent high from yesterday is giving us the confidence to say that the market might reach the $1150 level. At present, the money is flowing into the market and with time it might go higher. We are currently looking for pullbacks to enter long positions. Given enough time, we believe that we will go much higher than that, and it appears that money is starting to flow into this market.
Silver markets due to a support at the $14.40 level was able to turn an initial fall and form a Hammer. The bullish tendencies of a hammer suggest that the traders might take this market higher. A sound strategy for entering long positions would be to wait for the $14.60 level to be breached. Any pullback that occurs at this moment, should be overall supportive.
Crude Oil prices climbed higher on Wednesday inspite of a larger than expected build in inventories. The 10-day Moving Average is currently showing a support in the vicinity of 30.17 level whereas a resistance level seems to be present near the downtrend line at the 34.25 level. The overall momentum seems to be negative whereas the MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence) is currently somewhat indecisive. The RSI(Relative Strength Index) too is indecisive. The present scenario seems to be made for short positions.
The EUR/USD stepped up due to the announcement by the Federal Reserve that the federal rates would remain unchanged for the time being; however they did express their doubts on whether the inflation would reach their target goal. Although a degree of relaxation cold be scene but the overall scenario was not as dovish as expected. Hence, march can be expected to be a tough ride. The 10-day Moving Average acted as the support for the rate at 1.0870 whereas resistance is seen at 1.10.
The GBP/USD has continued with its downtrend during the Trading session on Wednesday, as the bears seems to be holding the reigns of the overall market. Due to the downtrend, we would be looking to short the market on short term rallies and at breakouts below the bottom of the range for the day. Due to the expected Preliminary GDP numbers in the day and the strengthening US dollars, we are not taking any long positions for the time being.
The AUD/USD climbed higher during the day on Wednesday, breaking above the most recent resistance. However, the 50% Fibonacci Retracement, level still posed a massive resistance in the later half of the trading session; hence we remain focused on short positions. Following that we have an uptrend line that we had previously breached which is in close proximity with the 61.8% Retracement level. Hence, we need to be extra cautious in choosing our positions. At the moment, the wise move will be to look for exhaustive candles in order to start selling again.
The USD/JPY went up during the trading hours on Wednesday, crossing the 1118.50 level. We will believe the the market is all poised to climb up, if it breaks above the top of the range. The first stop of the ascend would be the 20.50 level. Our suggestion would be to buy supportive candles at lower levels.

  1. suhanisahani says:

    Aurobindo rallies on in-line Q1FY17 results.

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